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IndustryArena Forum > Events, Product Announcements Etc > Newly Posted Classifieds Listings > Techno-Isel CNC Router 28"x28"x8.5" Travel $3500
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    Techno-Isel CNC Router 28"x28"x8.5" Travel $3500

    Techno-Isel CNC Router 28"x28"x8.5" Travel
    Good condition, hardly used, this was a local schools so it sat for most of its life.
    Overall dimensions are 43" x 44" y 15" z... not including motors.
    It comes wit nema 23 DC servomotors w/ servomotor control box which I do not have the software or pci card from techno isel to operate it.
    Perfect for a Mach3 upgrade w/ gecko g540 and nema 23 steppers, Everything spins/turns moves nicely.
    I'm in San Diego, CA. I can freight this for to a local freight terminal in your area for apx $350 west coast, $450 east coast

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    Re: Techno-Isel CNC Router 28"x28"x8.5" Travel $3500

    Update- Travel dimensions are 21" X 22" Y 7" Z, its very similar to the 027 Model on Techno website. The nameplate is in German says "Art.-Nr. 246201"

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