I hope to do something pleasant.
Browsing the net we came across this place and discovered the connection between "Don" and this forum.
I am an ITALIAN FORUM with a "Fab LAB" laboratory and I try to gather kids who don't know what to do in their free time.
I transformed my craft workshop into this project for health reasons.
There is an Axiom AR8 CNC with axbbe board and UCCNC software here that attracts the curiosity of geeks.
Contacted "rapidchange" asking if there was the possibility of receiving their product on loan to do a kind of tutorial and perhaps be a point of contact here in Italy on a non-profit basis, we were impressed by DON's availability.
I'm also trying to create a YouTube channel to get even more involved.
Getting to the point.
I have to thank Don (Tutti) who sent us a 100% Coupon that we are all excited about.
We are already at work with the installation and study of the macro and configuration (with some problems to solve...the Z axis goes from top to bottom therefore from "0" to "-150").
I don't know English, I'll let someone else write the next one.
Thanks again for hearing from you.