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    That Darn Red LED

    Hello, all. I'll try to keep this simple. I had to build a new PC for my CNC router, using Mach3, a Gecko 540, and a printer card/cable. I'm using the old .xml file that worked quite well. No matter what I do I can't get the Fault LED to go out unless I turn off the Charge Pump Switch. To isolate the problem I disconnected everything from the PC. Only the E-Stop button and the four (4) Home switches... none of which are active.

    I still have the Red LED even if I hit the E-Stop Button and even if I use a jumper between the #10 and #12 points on the Gecko. Would this indicate a bad fuse in the Gecko?
    Thanks for your time.

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    Re: That Darn Red LED

    Have you verified that the charge pump source is working and that it is wired correctly to the 540?

    If the light goes green when the charge pump switch is set to disable then it seems there is something wrong with the charge pump.

    The E-Stop will not make the light green. That light indicates when the 540 is ready to send commands to the steppers. It certainly will not do that if the E-Stop is active.

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