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    The 3d router for furniture processing

    Hey, I recently built a machine for a customer.
    This is a 3d router for furniture processing. The working area 2100x3000 mm's, base made of 150x250x8 profile, machined bases, Hiwin 35 linear guides, Atlanta HPR Module3 helical gears, drives through leadschine servo, longitudinal axis 2 kw, x and z 0.75 kw plus planetary gears, HSD spindle 9kw ATC, tool magazine for 8 pcs - maltanese gearbox, csmio ip-s control unit, counterbalance actuators for z axis, magazine pushback actuator, pins for fixing the material on the table, dust extraction, Becker 5.5 kw pump, some desktop for a mach3. A lot of protection in case of a collision, 6-section pressure table.
    So, to not talk too much, I'm presenting pictures and some movies.



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    Re: The 3d router for furniture processing

    Wow! Nice build.

    Did you have that Y axis (long axis) tube machined for mounting linear rails? And how did you attach it to the main frame?

    Do you think those 2kw servos are a bit of an overkill for this machine? I am making a smaller router and my gantry will be over 150kg and I'm thinking about using 2x 750w servos...

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    Re: The 3d router for furniture processing

    The side bases for the Y axis are machined and bolted to the main frame. In addition, the y axis is driven by one shaft located in the crossbeam and one servo motor.
    The machine has great dynamics and there is no shortage of torque.

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