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    The machine stops several times...

    Hey everyone.

    I´m working with CNC USB controller software and my CNC machine stops many time times while running differents G-code. It can perfectly work for some weeks or make stops several times in a few minutes.

    The machine normally works, but then the X,Y,Z values no more change in the CNC USB software. After that the machine move really slowly, I think it go back to the previous line of the G-code and stop.

    I have to reset the controller (machine/firmware/reset controller) and the machine work normally until the next stop.

    I,ve checked the USB connector and changed the USB cable, I´ve checked the ground conection of the power supplie but I had the same trouble. I´m working with a notebook....

    Do you have any heps about this trouble?

    thanks to everyone in advance

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    Re: The machine stops several times...

    are you running some additional software on the system while you run planet cnc?
    In the past I had significant issues running planetcnc tngv2 and fusion 360 in parallel. From time to time tngv2 froze and stopped working.

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    Re: The machine stops several times...

    Hey scorption,

    No, it desn´t run any other software. I use this notebook only to control de CNC machine. I tried to turn off the wi-fi connection adn the antivirus (AVG antivirus)... but I had the same troubles.

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