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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Benchtop Machines > thinking of selling my g0704, but for how much?
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    thinking of selling my g0704, but for how much?

    So this G0704 was my first metalworking machine and it ultimately led to me working full time in my own machining business. I did the Hoss phase one conversion a long time ago. I started doing the ball screw conversion, x and y are done, I have the Z ballscrew and machined the nut holder but didn't install yet. I am going to get an industrial machine soon and the sentimental value has become lower than the floor space value. Is the fact that it is somewhat converted a plus or a liability? Amazingly it has the original motor and gearbox still running strong and I added a 4th axis. I don't facebook, so would it be better to advertise here or craigslist? and for how much?

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    Re: thinking of selling my g0704, but for how much?

    What type of control? What are the specs on the steppers/servos?

    The devil is in the details on these conversion.

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    Re: thinking of selling my g0704, but for how much?

    Mach3 control. Hoss recommended Kelling steppers: all 4 axis NEMA23 570oz/in 5A 3/8” Dual Shaft Stepper Motor (KL23H2100-50-4B) KL-6050 Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver.

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    Re: thinking of selling my g0704, but for how much?

    Without seeing the machine, it's probably worth like $3000, take $2500 if you can get it. These mills are a lot more expensive now, and not having to convert saves a lot of time and effort for somebody. A G0704 from Grizzly is $2500 these days, craziness.

    A better control like UCCNC or Acorn would fetch more money, and the stock spindle motor with gear drive really isn't great for CNC operation. That said, you can't buy a new one and convert it for even close to $3k, assuming it's not completely clapped out, it's a deal in the current market. You'll probably come out ahead too.

    At some point I will sell my 0704, and I expect quite a bit more than $3k for it, but with servos, ATC, full enclosure with flood, 6k 5hp spindle, it's a lot of machine for the size.

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