So I've repeatedly ran this G-code, and it always causes my mill to seize up during the rapid traverse in the y-direction, causing me to loose exactly 8.9mm of steps every single time.

I tried performing the G-code in different locations of my mill in case there was some friction in that particular y location, but that didn't change anything.

Code that works well:
N364 G02 X-5.413 Y-34.23 I12.666 J21.716
N366 G02 X-7.128 Y-31.967 I3.903 J4.741
N368 G01 Z0. F100.
N370 G00 Z1.
( OPERATION NAME : Profile Contouring.121)
N372 X24.128 Y-23.467 S7619 M3
N374 Z0.
N376 G01 Z-1.
N378 G02 X22.945 Y-25.236 I-5.618 J2.478 F30.
N380 G01 X22.944 Y-25.241
N382 G02 X24.128 Y-31.967 I-4.434 J-4.248

Code that fails every time during the rapid traverse at the N164 line:
N156 G03 X16.941 Y-17.627 I-45.311 J-88.989
N158 G02 X14.119 Y-16.084 I10.624 J22.785
N160 G01 Z0. F100.
N162 G00 Z1.
( OPERATION NAME : Profile Contouring.102)
N164 X14.12 Y-34.394 S7619 M3
N166 Z0.
N168 G01 Z-1.
N170 G02 X16.941 Y-32.851 I13.445 J-21.242 F30.
N172 G03 X20.049 Y-31.336 I-42.203 J90.503

The way that I fixed it is by changing "N162 G00 Z1." into "N162 G01 Z1." to avoid the rapid traverse all together, but it would be great to understand this problem and prevent it in the future!

Any thoughts?!