Hi Guys!

I'm finally back for round 2 and looking for a little feedback as I progress through this build.
I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out so far, but another set of eyes to catch what I miss, or could do better would be great!
My main reason for this is wood, but also wanting to do non ferrous as well. But really, 95% wood projects.
I have a 2.2kw water cooled spindle to mount on this as well.

I've already committed to materials so just looking to make the best with what I have available.
I am using heavy 4080 for the frame and gantry and have some heavy 4040 for extra frame supports. (not made yet)
Should I put in some 45 degree bracing in the frame? or not necessary?

I have a RF-45 mill and a 10k Southbend for making parts. The old cnc is dismantled and not available. (using for parts)

Still working out the details of the Z axis, but getting close I think.
I'm using 3/4" aluminum at 6.5" wide and approx 13" tall for Z backer plate.
Rails will be attached to this plate with moving bearings.
I need to pocket this plate to allow spacing for the ballscrews/nuts (1610)
I'll post more images and thoughts as I progress.

(Don't mind the Z axis pictured here, I just did that mashup to see approx spindle placement when mounted - It's not how it's going to be)

Thoughts so far?

P.S. Last pic is my old cnc I built 12 years ago now.