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    Tipped over PCNC 440… ????

    Biggest bonehead mistake in a long time. I was moving a PCNC 440 on a stand yesterday with a pallet jack. The machine had a Microarc, tool changer and vise all mounted.

    Had a slight decline and moved over a tiny bump and it was just enough to cause the top-heavy 440 to tip right over. It fell flat on the front of the machine with the chip pan and front of the enclosure bearing the brunt of the fall. Chip pan and enclosure is all bent - that can be fixed. But I’m more worried about what the impact might have done to the machine.

    What would you be checking first and what test last should I run when it’s back under power?

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    Re: Tipped over PCNC 440… ????

    by the sound of it the mill itself was protected from any impact , if the axis move freely then throw in a program you've run before and run it . You can pull out the dials and run a bunch of tests but I think it would be unnecessary . If the table took all the impact then that may be a different thing

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    Re: Tipped over PCNC 440… ????

    You might want to look around the mounting bolts on the machine base that secure it to the cabinet. There would have been some shock there from the impact and could be some stress cracks. Not too sure what you'd do about this if it was found. I'd also confirm the Z axis alignment myself.

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