I've got an old Fanuc 30F red cap AC servo motor. I'd like to remove the brake, or at least the friction disk so I don't have to hook up a separate power supply to disengage the brake. The brake isn't needed in my application. On the front of the motor I've got the oil seal and snap ring off the shaft. I've got the encoder off the back side. I've got all the bolts out of the front and back of the motor. The front housing (with the mounting flange) will pop open but I can only get it to move about 5mm or so. The dished piece at the back that the rear bearing looks like it mounts in will spin in the motor body but I can't pull it out. I have a press available but haven't tried that yet. I'm a bit hesitant to press in the wrong spot on the bearings as I'd rather not replace them. Does anyone know any tips for getting these apart?