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    TNC 426 - Hard Drive clone - SSD replacement?

    Hi guys,

    we have a TNC 426 control that failed to book last week, due to a hard disk error. After many reboots the machine finally booted up, I have taken a backup using TNCremo, but I would like to replace the HDD (and other TNC systems) with a SSD drive.

    I have read a few threads where this has been successfully completed, but for anyone who has done this, or even replaced with another mechanical drives - could you offer any pointers?

    If I clone the existing HDD with CloneZilla (as an example), is that all I need to do (other than the hardware itself)? I have read some people saying you need to change the data from binary to ASCII for clone software to be able to read it, but have also read that you can just do a straight clone and away you go.

    If anyone has any experience of this it would be much appreciated if you could help me out!


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    Re: TNC 426 - Hard Drive clone - SSD replacement?

    I have SSDs running in my TNC426. You need to buy an IDE 2.5" SSD of 8GB capacity

    .The ASCII to Binary has to be done for TNC426 and that is done through the system menu (manual then- MOD buttons). Without this the backup process doesn't work out.

    Clonezilla, Ghost etc software do not work for TNC426, but do for all subsequent version of the TNC controls.

    After installing the new hard disk, you need to initialize it using the TNC426 system software, which is available for download on their website. You need to check your NC version before downloading this as there are about 30 odd version of this. Procedure for this is available in the Heidenhain TNC426 service manual and might be easier followed for there than typing it out here.

    Best regards


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    Re: TNC 426 - Hard Drive clone - SSD replacement?

    Hi JSS,
    thanks for your reply!

    That is unfortunate about not being able to clone to a SATA SSD. I had heard of a few instances where the drives had been replaced with larger SSD's, but that must have been for the iTNC 530.

    I did a disk to disk clone using Clonezilla, from the original 8GB 2.5" IDE to a SATA 250GB SSD. Unfortunately I have not had chance to try it yet as whilst the machine was powered down, the NC power supply has died - so I need to sort that before getting back to the HDD issue.

    I had already downloaded the startup file from Heidenhain just in case the SSD clone method did not work - can you run the setup files from a laptop over serial?

    With regards the IDE 2.5" SSD, would something like this do the trick?


    Any ideas why a straight disk to disk clone on these systems does not work? The new SSD will look like an 8GB drive and has the same partitions.

    Thanks for your help

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