Hi all

i Have a Bridgeport interact with the h.h TNC145 control, the monochrome monitor is getting almost to degraded to be able to see!

ive been thinking of converting it to run a VGA monitor this is my plan ....

i think i found the outputs as follows

23,24: +12V
21,22: Gnd
18,19: Video
16,17: Grey/Intensity
4,5: V-sync
2,3: H-Sync
6,7: Signal Gnd

i plan to chop and solder an old 14pin VGA cable as follows

ill attach h-sink and v-sink
The video output to green+
Signal ground to green-
and leave the rest unconnected

i think voltages on h-sin/v-sink will be ok, but im not sure about the video cable meshing up?

has anyone done this or knows what voltage/current im likely to see on the video output?