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    tnc151 problems

    Hi , Im a newbie here and would like to ask for help from you amazing wizards please.

    I have an old 80s Bridgeport Interact with a Heidenahain TNC 151 conversational control on it.

    I have it connected to an older PC running windows XP

    The cable is a RS232 serial cable by LINDY connected to a USB to RS232 adapter for pc.

    I have been using CamBam to create drawings then Gcodes with a 151 post processor from another friendly person on the CamBam forums..

    So a few questions please...

    1. Can you tell me if im using the correct cable to allow communication and drip feed programs.

    2. Can you recommend any good reliable tnc programs with easy set up and user instructions to allow me to set up and run/drip feed the codes.Also a good easy to use gcode simulator to visually check for errors etc.

    3. Can you please advise if i have to insert any special characters at start and end of code when running the tnc program.

    I am learning this as i go along and have been impressed with the amount of knowledge, people like yourselves have on these type of forums....so im hoping that someone can help me get mine running programs from my pc....

    Many thanks


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    Re: tnc151 problems

    Dear Bob,

    it depends on the SW level of your control, if "Transfer Blockwise" is possible.
    Requires min. 05.

    You can read more about in the attached pdf.

    I advise you to use TNCserver, which is inside TNCremo you can download from Heidenhain's webpage:

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    Re: tnc151 problems

    Hi Bob,

    I am on a steep learning curve myself but lost days of my life to the wrong cable and wrong way to operate the PC etc.

    Here is a list to try:

    - The Serial cable if being plugged into the DB25 on back of cabinet must be s straight through cable with no crossover on 2/3. Check with a multimeter and 2-2 3-3 is correct. There is a crossover in the internal cabling so the null modem cable i was advised to get is wrong. Get a serial printer cable and you're good to go.

    - Download TNC Remo from hediehain website for free.

    - Don't try and use TNC Remo direct as it won't talk to the TNC151 control.

    - On the top tab open up TNC server and everything happens from this window not the REMO.

    - Select FE mode of transfer

    - Select the folder your programs are in.

    - If it says ready in the bottom corner you are connected.

    Now here is the bit I didn't realise. You call the program from the Heidehain control, not send it from the PC. On the control when in run mode then press EXT, press select programme, put in program number and hit enter. it should say clockwise transfer at top of screen.

    Then hit start and off it goes.

    I use Fusion 360 with the Heidenhain TNC155 post processor and it was all working until I have conflicted tool definitions.

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    Hello sir.
    Im working on heidenhain tnc 151 on bridgeport intract1 for last two months.last night i have lost the parameters of machine by my mistake.i tried to replace the battries .but when i insert new battries the machine lost its parameters.
    I dont have parameters .please help me to make machine working.i have job risk the owner of the workshop is very angry to me.
    This is my very first post in the cnczone

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    Re: tnc151 problems

    Hi. I have parâmetrs but you need adjust some nunmbees for your machine..send me e-mail. mokimperformance@gmail.com

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