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    TNG V2 and Arduino scripting

    I have recently upgraded to TNG V2 from the older CNCUSB s/w. I have a key pad which amongst other things I use for jogging. On the CNCUSB software I could treat the 0 key as a shift key, but that doesn't seem possible in TNG V2. I am considering using an Arduino to interface the keypad. I have implemented the Arduino project as a learning exercise, and it basically works.
    I have noticed that if I go to File>Settings, make a change and then Save, the script appears to have stopped working - its as though the listener has been inhibited.
    Is this the intention or is it a bug?
    Is there a way of restarting the script?
    Are there other commands which have this effect?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: TNG V2 and Arduino scripting

    Serial listener stops working. This is a bug that will be fixed.

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