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    TNGv2 - Raspberry - USB camera

    Hi everyone.

    I would like to ask - is it possible to connect a USB camera to TNGv2 running on Raspberry?

    The "Camera" item is completely missing from the Machine menu, so I don't know if this is even possible. I couldn't find anything about it in the manual and all attempts with the USB camera connected were unsuccessful.

    In "Machine" -> "Work position" there is a line "Camera XY", but without the image it is useless. Moreover, how to set the camera offset?

    Has anyone tried anything like this?


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    Re: TNGv2 - Raspberry - USB camera

    You can not get image from camera to TNG on Linux systems. However you can use external app to watch camera. Or you can have completely independent camera with its own monitor.
    So, if you get image elsewhere, those commands are not useless.

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    Re: TNGv2 - Raspberry - USB camera


    Thanks for reply.

    I thought so, but I still had hope that it would work.

    About external app - the only thing I've found is to use VLC to show the image. But there is no way to add cross with adjustable circle in the image. At this point the most meaningful way will be to return to PC. Raspberry was just an experiment.

    Anyway thank for your help and I got hope this thread can help to someone else in the future.


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