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    To CO2 laser experts


    I'd like some advise on weather a damaged CO2 laser is usable / repairable.

    I've just started a DIY CO2 laser cutting build. I've had some trouble getting a laser tube delivered to my house in one piece. I bought a laser / PSU (80W) set on Ebay and they sent a tube, which upon inspection, has the glass connection to the high voltage supply snapped off. I've attached an image to give you some idea of the degree of damage.

    The EBay seller was great and gave me a refund and allowed me to keep the working (i hope) PSU and damaged laser. I'm not too familiar with how these things work and exactly what damage would make them inoperable, and what damage could be repaired. My key concerns are:

    1) That CO2 is required in the void that's now exposed to the atmosphere (would have leaked out). Am I right in saying that the CO2 is confined to the inner-most tube c. 10mm diameter?
    2) I've not glued glass back together before. I'm thinking epoxy, any better ideas?
    3) That repairing this could cause some safety issues that i'm not considering. After Epoxy and eleventy rolls of insulating tape around the connection and surrounding region, do I have cause for concern?

    Appreciative of all advise.



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    Re: To CO2 laser experts

    Most likely the tube is junk. Every CO2 tube consists of an inner tube with power connections and gas. Then an outer jacket where the water circulates. So your mixing water and high voltage and placing the tube in a metal box not designed to see water.
    Assuming the outer jacket water side is all thats damaged, is it worth taking the chance it will spring a leak at some point. It’s complete junk if the inner tube is damaged. Tubes aren’t that expensive.

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