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Thread: Tool holder

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    Tool holder

    Can you just use a round pocket for a tool holder or does the standard holder help pull out the tool, BT30? Going strait down into the holder saves space and avoids conflicts with the dust boot. Thanks for the help, Edward

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    Re: Tool holder

    I see that these are properly called tool forks not tool holders.

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    Re: Tool holder

    The fork does not pull the tool out, the tool drops free when the spindle releases it. A straight down hole would probably work, but:

    1. You need to have some spring action so the tool could spring down 1-2mm.
    2. You need to have some breakaway parts in case something goes wrong during the tool change. A broken plastic fork is no big deal, a broken spindle is a disaster.

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    Re: Tool holder

    ...aka Tool Gripper? :Claw, Fingers, Chop Sticks....

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