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    tool length to long

    just took delivery of a new nexus 200 quick turn all well and good if you knew where all the menus and buttons are. The problem is we got a tube sticking out of chuck 6.5", we need to drill this 1 3/16 dia, the drill is out 7.5". When we take tool length using tool eye we get an error telling us the length is to long.
    Mazak tells us this is a safety issue so the drill will not collide with machine, but when moving the turret around in manual mode to check, the drill never approaches the machine bulkhead. Any help

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    Not sure that Mazak understood your problem completely...

    If I had to guess (don't do too much with lathes)... Interference checks are having an issue with collision. If you're really that far away from the anything, then perhaps your parameters need adjusting for the interference areas. It might be set for max or extreme coniditions (oversized chuck, short chucks, etc). Are you using Mazatrol or EIA? I will assume Mazatrol won't work because it initializes collision checks right away.

    You should be able to set your tool length off manually without using the Tool Eye and Tool Data should accept it. Then in EIA, I would expect if you shut off the interference check buttons and perhaps turn on Barrier Cancel, it should run.

    Throwing rocks at a wall here....
    It's just a part..... cutter still goes round and round....

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    SU 110 to SU 113 are new parameters for "not to exceed" tool lengths.

    Whether or not these new parameters are used is up to
    SU154.1, on/off bit parameter.

    Double check with your MAZAK people and always be careful when changing parameters. The above parameters should take effect 'instantly', instead of reboot.


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    Thank you for your help, we have contacted Mazak and is waiting for their reply.

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    Re: tool length to long

    Thank you Jim. turning off in 154.1 worked

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    Re: tool length to long

    I would say that that feature is to stop you putting a tool through the chuck wall while using another tool
    - ie a long drill in station 8 when using a back turning tool in station 3
    To keep the parameter active, try removing unused tools (and adjust Z lengths) so the difference in Z length offsets is less (or don't use those short offset tools)

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