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    Lightbulb Tool Setter Install

    Control: Fanuc 18i
    Machine: YCM-XV1020A

    I have bought a cheap tool setter off amazon that has two switches, the primary trip switch, and then an emergency overtravel switch. I want to get it wired into my machine and make a macro utilizing G31 to set tools. The macro itself won't be a problem, but I am trying to figure out where I need to wire this thing so that it triggers the skip function and the emergency stop. Below is a picture from the manual. Is x4.7 connected to the skip function (G31) or is that something else? If it is the skip function, does that mean when my normally closed switch, wired from +24v to x4.7 trips open, the machine will stop motion while in a G31 move?

    The next thing to figure out is where to wire the emergency switch, I assume it will be as easy as wiring it from +24v to any open emergency stop wires?

    Will I need any ladder changes for this to work? Any parameter changes? Any other related knowledge I will need?

    Thank you,

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    Re: Tool Setter Install

    X4.7 should be skip. There are a few parameters involved in configuring it Skip in general as the 18i has a few skips to select from.
    There is also parameter configurations for rising or falling edge activation. X4.7 can also be used as a general input depending on how the ladder is written and parameters configured. So if there is a wire there you will need to figure out what it is used for,

    As far as e-stop. that wouldn't be my 1st choice. I'm not sure I would want to risk a part if a chip caught a tool setter that wasn't being used and scrapped a part.
    It would also make backing a tool away from the pre-setter difficult if something were to happen None of the modern tool setters (Renishaw/Blum) have a feature like this. They all rely on safe moves to try to prevent damage.

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    Re: Tool Setter Install

    Thank you for the response, I looked at the parameters manual, and I think I found all the parameter info I will need in there.

    I was thinking along the same lines with the e-stop as well, but didn't even think about how I would back the tool off if the emergency stop is tripped! I think I will just leave the switch disconnected.

    Thank you,

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