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    Tool unclamp noise


    I have a problem whit the toolchange in a MA40HA. It seems like the tool is not unclamped fast enough. The arm sometimes drags the tool out from the spindle whit a banging noise. I have taken the cylinders apart and checked the springs and the draw bar. It did not help. I bleeded the system and there seems to be no air in the hydraulic oil. The problem is present even whit a low tool change speed (25%).

    Are anybody having a idea what the cause could be?

    Could the hydraulic valve work too slow?

    Thanks for any help!

    Best regards, Samuel

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    Re: Tool unclamp noise

    Call a engineer, some of the MA40H has 2 stage unclamp cylinder, and a some of them has really difficult hydraulic system..

    also inside drawbar there a some ruller pins, that rust.

    My suggestion if yu are not sure about the mechanical parts then call local service.

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    Re: Tool unclamp noise

    Check the two collets loose. First unclamp and then use collet fixing tool.

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