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IndustryArena Forum > Material Technology > Glass, Plastic and Stone > Tooling parameters for annealed GLASS slabs.
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    Tooling parameters for annealed GLASS slabs.

    Is anyone out there machining THICK annealed soda-lime glass? I inherited an INTERMAC Master that has been questionably programmed. I am hoping to find correct parameters for periperal diamond grinding tools. We are primarily using DIAMUT Z65 (Step 1-4) and Z120 (step 1-3). I have a list of the DIAMUT feeds and speeds but it is spec'd for stone, not glass. Hoping you fine folks can point me in the right direction! It would also be very helpful to know the chip-load for this type of glass, then I could just to the calculation myself. Looking forward to hearing from anyone with experience machining glass.


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    Re: Tooling parameters for annealed GLASS slabs.

    Dear savageMaker!
    How are you. I am nick. come from china. I am service engineer. befor work for intermac company. If you have any question about intermac master cnc and Genius CT . let me know . Maybe I can help you. my whatsapp ID +86 13585355877 my email adress : [email protected]. Hope a good info for you.

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