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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > MadCAM > Toolpaths don't simulate if they are in a group
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    Toolpaths don't simulate if they are in a group

    If I make a group of the toolpaths in a part, they don't simulate until they are ungrouped. I don't know if this is expected behavior or not.

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    Re: Toolpaths don't simulate if they are in a group

    Grouping toolpath groups will cause problems because the toolpath curves that belongs to each toolpath operation is grouped in Rhino by madCAM. When you recalculate, simulate or post process, madCAM will loop through all groups in Rhino and detect if it's a toolpath group created by madCAM. If grouping toolpath groups, they will not be detected as toolpaths anymore. This can be solved just by ungrouping so it only will be one group for each toolpath operation.

    The toolpath order is controlled by the Rhino layer order. At the moment, it isn't possible to control the toolpath order by grouping toolpath groups, but we will see what we can do about this to make this possible in a future release of madCAM 7.

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