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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > CNC "do-it-yourself" > TopCNC TC55H, can't import USB files
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    TopCNC TC55H, can't import USB files

    I have a Taig CNC mill I got on a trade, and put new stepper motors, drivers, etc on it. Got everything wired up and working, and got the settings tuned in so when I jog 10mm, it moves 10mm. I went with a standalone controller, as I seemed a good solution, and I'm familiar with that from years ago running a Haas mill and lathe.

    From the best I can tell, it reads .txt gcode files, and has to be named with a prefix of P followed by 4 numbers. So i've been playing around with different post processors on fusion 360, but when I try to import the .txt file from a usb to the controller, it freezes up. Google searches turns up minimal info on this controller. Does anyone have experience with this controller and how to import files to run?


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    Re: TopCNC TC55H, can't import USB files

    I got some txt gcode to import, but it only imports 17 lines worth, and seems to be generating lines of code non-existent in the txt file. `

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