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    Tormach 1100 X limit switch or software issue

    I remember issues coming up about limit switches in the past, and searched to see if I am currently having an issue that has come up before for anyone. This appears similar, but not the same. Or, at least I don't understand what is happening.

    I was on PP 2.6.0 and not having any problems until a few hours ago, I needed to work on the far right end of the table (table slid completely to the left). The limit tripped, and I could not back away from it. So, I disabled the limits, jogged away, and then reenabled the limit switches. Of course, I had to try again, and the same thing. I shutdown and rebooted the controller. Still the same thing on the X-axis. Y and Z still let me back away from the limit switch when tripped. Pushing the X limit switch by hand lights up the light in PP, and stops motion, and it works on the other end of the x-axis travel, so it doesn't seem like a bad x-axis switch.

    I haven't had any problems with the switches before. I haven't used flood coolant for years, so it doesn't sound or act like a shorted or fouled switch like someone else experienced.

    I then updated to 2.7.1, thinking maybe it was only a software bug. It does the same thing in 2.7.1. Moving to the left end of the table (table moved far right), it hits the limit, and I can back off the switch and go about my work. At the right end it doesn't do that. I am thinking it must be something really simple and obvious, but I cannot figure this out. Does anyone have suggestions or advice on what the problem could be or how to fix it?



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    Re: Tormach 1100 X limit switch or software issue

    I kept fiddling with it. .0009" was the answer.

    I had checked the admin show soft limits and showed x as -.000001 to 18.000. Check. That looked right, but I didn't remember it being a negative at the zero end. When checking earlier, I had not zeroed the table at the left limit, so when I got to the right end I watched the table end and it looked like full travel (18") like it always had, and it limited at what looked like the right spot. I just couldn't back away from it.

    I ended up referencing and zeroing the table at the left side, and checked the right movement. 17.995, 17.996... 17.9991 and the limit tripped. Hmmmm. Close, but no cigar! So, that .0009" made all the difference. For now I just set the x soft limit to 17.990 and everything is working as expected. I will move the limit trips a tiny bit further apart and all should be good. I am not sure what or why that showed up today.

    I checked it a couple of times, and the limits showed the exact same values each time it was referenced and moved to the right end. I thought maybe something was on the switch or stop, or it drifted a bit, but I couldn't feel anything and it still gave the same results.

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    Re: Tormach 1100 X limit switch or software issue

    A few weeks ago I noticed after an update, that either myself or PP lost, or changed the height of the tool setter "ets".
    Had me scratching my head for a few minutes looking at the dro numbers on screen. After I re-zeroed the spindle on the ets again all was good.
    I figured it was a pebkac error and went on with the day! But, left me wondering if PP update reset or changed this value.

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