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    Tormach 770 Lowered Price

    Since retiring in 2018 my Tormach 770 PCNC has mostly sat idle for about three years. I posted it for sale on here before several months back but I was never in any real pressing hurry to sell it.
    At the time I was asking ten-grand for the mill and all the extras. This time around I've lowered the price to where I think it's more than fair.

    I originally bought it to make my own scope mounts, custom automotive trim, (I'm a retired custom auto upholster) bullet molds and stuff like that with. I've made some pretty cool stuff with it over the years. I've been able to make my own spiral fluted rifle barrels etc. Another item I've been making about once a year since buying it were specific Match-Grade-Trigger Sear components for the Umarex Octane line of air guns.

    Within that last couple of years though, I've gotten more and more into 3D printing.
    I can now make many of the same things on my 3D printer that I used to use my Tormach mill for.

    I've fought the urge to sell my 770 because I knew that no sooner than it was sold that I'd kick myself for getting rid of it.
    Now I think it's time to move on. I'll probably replace it with just a smaller benchtop vertical manual mill just to have something I can still use to do some rudimentary milling with.

    It seems like I've had it forever but, in reality I've owned it since about 2012. I bought it new as a sort of package deal that included tool holders, auto-lube, fourth axis setup, tool height gage, stuff like that.

    I can't remember exactly how to find the total hours that this machine has been used. I'll have to look that up in my manual. I'm pretty sure it will show up as very low hours when one considers that I've owned it since back in 2012.
    I just wanted to let any interested parties know I'm moving on from CNC to 3D printing.

    I'm in Arizona. If any of you knows anyone in Arizona who might be interest, message me. Hopefully we can work something out.

    I've posted a video of this exact Tormach CNC 770 PCNC mill on my YouTube account. If you're interested you can follow my link to view that particular video.

    Please note that in this video I state that I was initially asking 10-Grand for the mill and additional components at that time. I've lowered the price to 8.5-Grand.

    If you're looking for a starter CNC mill that's in very,very good working condition take a look if you get the chance. Then hop over to the Tormach website and take a look at the asking prices of these same CNC mills and the same additional components just to compare prices.


    If you'd like to see some of the projects I've done with this Tormach PCNC mill you can go over to my Instgram account and take a look. You may have to scroll down a ways but the photos of various project are there for viewing.


    First come first serve.

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    Re: Tormach 770 Lowered Price

    This machine is, what- around 1000 pounds? How is it situated?

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    Re: Tormach 770 Lowered Price


    The machine without being disassembled into it’s three main parts weighs about a thousand pounds. (cabinet, right and left tubs) If removed from the cabinet and if the tubs are removed it’s much more manageable.
    It presently sits inside my very small work space. I moved it into position and set it up myself using an engine hoist. Once I assembled it I then used a pallet jack to move it into the spot where it sits now.

    I did find that I had to temporarily remove the motor on the back side of the column to get it through my back door. It was just a matter of marking the exact position of the stepper motor before removing it so as to put it back in perfect alignment.

    It was nothing very complicated. It required more common sense than hard work.

    Thanks for the inquiry.
    Tim M.

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