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    Tormach 8L Fusion360 Tooling

    Hello, I am a student worker at my local university and we just invested in a Tormach 8L Lathe with various tooling; however, there isn't a consensus knowledge base for Lathe Tooling. Therefore, I have been tasked with understanding the tooling and our options for creating a uniform tool library.*

    This brings me to my question... I do not understand how the verbiage on Tormach's website translates into the Fusion360 software. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me translate the two sources of information, or even the definitions necessary to understand them. I know I haven't posted the source to our holders but I believe that I can solve that with the information that can be given in this thread. I have also attached images of what I am struggling with translating from both Fusion and the Tormach website. Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Tormach 8L Fusion360 Tooling

    If you're using inserted tools as shown, what's most important is the ANSI or ISO code for the insert. That encodes a basic shape (eg: triangle, diamond, round, more-diamond, etc) and a size and then a bunch of details. Each toolholder will only hold one shape and size of insert, but one size family of inserts can have different corner radius and relief angles and such like so the codes change to show that. The toolholder is only important in what orientation in holds the insert to get the cutting surfaces where you want them.

    If you don't have either, I'd get a Tormach-suggested set of holders and inserts and start with that. If you get toolholders that use the same inserts in different orientations, that saves on insert inventory. For a uni lab where students will be crashing the thing and running the wrong speeds and feeds as they learn, look into cheap packets of inserts from China so it's less expensive when they do. Otherwise go hunt down the staff machinist(s) that makes equipment for the scientists. Experience suggests they'll likely be cranky old coots hidden away in a basement, that will make fun of the Tormach, but worth knowing anyway.

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