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Thread: TorqCut 22

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    TorqCut 22

    HDD Failure also this morning. I do have the backup disk which i ran back in january of this year, but when i insert the 1st disk it says non system diskette microsoft backup diskette. i must have done something wrong for making the backup. Is there something i can do to make these disk work to recover my machine? Thanks for any help please!!

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    Re: TorqCut 22

    Hey Man sucks to hear that. Did you install ms dos first? I recall using the back-up command only saves a copy of the Bridgeport operating system. but don't quote me on that.
    You know what version of DX32 your machine is running? can send you my back-up, but you'll probably need to config the parameters for your machine.

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    Re: TorqCut 22

    is there a thread on here that talks about cleaning up the computer end of this machine and starting fresh? Its a checksum error that occurs when the machine is fired up. i Think maybe it needs a fresh install from a backup of the machine files and dos 6.22 idk?

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    Re: TorqCut 22

    I just picked up a TC22 and had a checksum error on initial boot up. It turned out to be the CMOS battery (on the motherboard) was dead. Replaced the battery, some bios setup and it’s up and running. Easy enough to check battery voltage on that CMOS battery. Should be 3.6v if I recall correctly. It was on the upper right side of my motherboard. Good luck

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