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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Uncategorised MetalWorking Machines > Trumatic 240 Bosch CC220 Control 'freezing'
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    Trumatic 240 Bosch CC220 Control 'freezing'


    I have a small issue with my Trumatic's 240 BOSCH CC220 control.

    When I hit the CONTROL RESET softkey, the operating program freezes, and I'm unable to continue. Only option is to turn off main power completely, and Turn on again after a few moments.

    I have already tried reloading program from EEPROM & EPROM, but problem persists.

    Any idea on this issue will be great.



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    Re: Trumatic 240 Bosch CC220 Control 'freezing'

    Ok, I think I figured it out.
    It has to do with X12 terminal con Control Panel. Somehow the USB to RS232 adapter plugged on the PC used to transfer programs was messing with the control. (Keeping Port open perhaps?) Once we unplugged it, control went OK once again.
    I hope this info helps someone else in the future...

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    Re: Trumatic 240 Bosch CC220 Control 'freezing'

    Which software do you use for transfer, do you also generate nc code on pc? Also which software do you use? We have trumpf tc240 and we still program manually.

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    Re: Trumatic 240 Bosch CC220 Control 'freezing'

    For transfer we use NCLite by CAMDEN Software. We use Excel and Notepad to write programs.

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    Lightbulb Re: Trumatic 240 Bosch CC220 Control 'freezing'

    We use SolidWorks and Autocad to draw , than top300 to convert to nc files (notepad or wordpad) and then transfer them via Trasnfer data thru rs232 port .

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