Greeting, I've got a problem with CNC plasma. Main issue is by putting cut-in point on radius or spline shape sections of parts makes plasma cutter glitch.
It starts cut normaly proceeds to 80% of cutting the contour out and then just stops.
After resumeing the process it just ignores the undercuted section and moves to the next part, but the coordinates of cutter head are lost.
By trying to go backwards plasma cutter glitches and stuckes completely the only escape is turn off and on the system and start over.
The only solution I've found its putting cut-in point on the straight segments of parts then it works absolutely normal.
I'm using dxf format and SheetCam, plasma cutter's controller model name is "HYD2300" Postprocessor Adtech HC6500.
The problem was NOT obtained with time CNC has it from the beginning. Tested on multiple parts.
I think the problem is in software component, maybe in postprocessor.
Can you tell what might be the issue or how do I check the postprocessor compatibility and choose the compatible one please.