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    Trying to understand using high speed PLA filaments

    I have a production run to make of a PLA model using my Flashforge 5M Pro.

    Currently when using regular PLA filament at 300 mm speed with a .6mm tip I can make these in 2.5 hours. This is with regular PLA filament........some brands of which do okay at the 300mm speed and some not as well.

    I'm buying some high speed PLA filament to try and see if that gives me faster prints at equal or higher quality. Price for these high speed filaments is about the same as for regular speed filament.

    What I'm finding as I experiment with Orca-Flashforge and Flashprint though is that no matter whether I set my base print speed at 300 mm or 600 mm I get nearly identical projected print times. Some setting I've tried with the 600 mm have even given me longer projected times. I've even set all types of objects within the model at 600mm and not gotten improvement in projected time. And obviously I wouldn't want to print at those settings anyway.

    I'd speculate that this is a software problem if I weren't getting the same result in both programs.

    Can someone give me some idea of why I'm seeing this or point me in a direction where I can learn more about why I'm seeing the projected results?


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    Re: Trying to understand using high speed PLA filaments

    Hi BH - If the part has lots of short moves and corners then the max speed setting does not matter as the machine never reaches the higher speed. To move faster in this case you need to up the acceleration values but this may lead to vibration and a fuzzy surface. Read up on the accel and jerk settings for the machine.... Peter

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