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    Two stepper motor on one Drive

    Hi, was wondering if helps with synchronization to have identical length wires to each motor, if wiring two motors from a single driver? How does the length effect the stepper motors ? My farthest motor is 15' and the other one is 12' away from the drive.


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    Re: Two stepper motor on one Drive

    Two motors with one drive is not recommended. Separate drives for each motor is a better option.

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    Re: Two stepper motor on one Drive

    Wire length won't make much difference until your clock rates get up to the gigahertz speeds - about a million times faster than you'll find on any CNC machine.

    So don't worry about that.

    Worry instead that any driver worth two pinches of goat sh1t will attempt to manage current to the motor and that, unless the steppers are IDENTICAL (ie never gonna happen) then one stepper will always be shunting more of the oomph and fighting the other. At best your torque out, already limited by using steppers, is going to be even further limited. At worst, overloading the drivers or one of the steppers and you'll have smoke and sadness and regret.

    Best approach is one stepper per driver, pair up the inputs to the drivers instead (if you can't run them independently from your controller and have the software slave them out).

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    Re: Two stepper motor on one Drive

    Wire length doesn't matter much, single stepper motor driver doesn't work well for running 2 motors because of different winding resistance, inductance and bigger back EMF with two motors.

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    Re: Two stepper motor on one Drive

    I post moslty same question last week.. So on the controller output pin, it will be ok to feed 2 driver at same time without any hickup ?
    So we will be able to got 2 smaller motor to drive out the whole system, instead of 1 big stepper.

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    Re: Two stepper motor on one Drive

    Check the datasheet of the driver input needs and the controller output capabilities. In general a GPIO pin will have a 'fan out' able to drive several similar inputs. You really need to read the doc instead of asking questions to get a proper answer.

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    Re: Two stepper motor on one Drive

    If you're an active OneDrive user, then knowing how to backup files to onedrive is crucial for you. Cybersecurity has become an afterthought in the business world and that's really dissapointing.

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