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    UB1 and stepperonline closed loop driver wiring

    Hi, new here and trying to figure out the wiring of the UC300ETH + UB1 and Stepperonline closed loop driver CL86Y that I've purchased to modernise a knee-mill which had a antique sinumerik3 control system and dc servos.

    I've almost no previous experience in I/O, so in this project I've probably, (ok definitely) bitten off more than I can chew. That being said, please forgive me for my lack of knowledge.

    So, I'd appreciate any help of how to connect the Stepperonline closed loop driver CL86Y to the UB1.

    Driver manual:


    I've read the UB1 and CL86Y manuals back and forth but cant figure out how to properly connect the MF, ALM and Pend signals of the stepper driver to the UB1 for proper function.

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    Re: UB1 and stepperonline closed loop driver wiring

    Personally, I wouldn't even bother with the MF (Enable) or the Pend. Not sure what you would even use the Pend for?
    If you want to use the MF, just wire it to a UB1 output pin.

    Here's some info on wiring an Alarm signal.
    forum.cncdrive.com • View topic - UCCNC ETH300/UB1 Servo Alarm Setup

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    Re: UB1 and stepperonline closed loop driver wiring

    Thanks Gerry, ok, perhaps better to skip enable just as you say.

    Neither I understand what pending would be used for, so I was hoping to get some explanation of this.

    In a closed loop stepper system, an error in any if the drivers would trigger the alarm which I intended to wire to the UB1 safety circuit. So,without alarm triggered it will then work as enable, right?

    I've searched and also found the thread link you're referring to, but there the alarm is not connected to the safety circuit, but that just depends on how you want it to work, or are there any other reason not to involve the driver alarms in the safety circuit?

    Ive seen an example on youtube of this driver hocked up, but not in differential connection mode, and not to a UB1 as I intend to use. Pending is not used, nor explained in that example neither.

    I've got it hooked up, connected to UCCNC and jogging back and forth, so that's something, but I still need to figure out the complete system setup, a bit worried Im missing something.

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