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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > PlanetCNC > unable to manually select Tool with number > 99
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    unable to manually select Tool with number > 99

    I'm currently about to switch my CNC over to TNG.
    While testing out the software I noticed that I'm not able to manually switch to tools with a tool number lager than 99.
    According to the manual tool number between 1 and 255 are possible. However in the Menu "Machine/Tools/Change" only tools up to 99 are listed.
    Changing with gcode & M6 is working correctly and the correct text is shown in the Popup Text Box.

    Is this by design or is this a bug in the GUI?

    I'm currently running SW 2020.07.31

    best Regards

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    Re: unable to manually select Tool with number > 99

    999 tools are possible. Manual needs to be updated.
    However in tool change and tool select menu only numbers 1-99 are displayed. This is by design.

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    Re: unable to manually select Tool with number > 99

    Thanks for the info.
    Nice to know that the limit was raised.

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