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    Understanding Fanuc window functions


    I'm a bit of a beginner to this so please bear with ... I have a Fanuc 30i and I'm trying to understand how to implement sub51 to read parameters to an R address which I then want to access in ladder. My issue is I don't understand how to reference each parameter using the window function. Basically I would like to know if anything on the first page of the parameter screen has changed from 0. Would anybody be able to give me an example of a window function setup in R addresses starting at R2600 for instance, for the bits highlighted with red squares in the attached image please.

    TIA !!!!!

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    Re: Understanding Fanuc window functions

    Fanuc doesn't allow you to read bits. You must read the whole byte (Bit 0 - 7). Being that you have 0's in all the parameters then reading is simpler. Here is the ladder I came up with. I didn't test this so you might have to tweek this. Also I had to change the ZONETEST.LAD to ZONETEST.txt so the Zone would allow me to attach it so rename it ZONETEST.LAD before opening

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    Re: Understanding Fanuc window functions

    Thanks a lot for this. I'm just going over it now, I'll get back to you once i've managed to get my head around it! cheers!!!

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    Re: Understanding Fanuc window functions

    Hi chas00 could you please help me? I need Fanuc 31i-Ta & 32i-TA system and backup files? If possible could you please share with me.

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    Re: Understanding Fanuc window functions

    For many functions of the NC there are corresponding F bits for status in the PMC. As an example F110 is the status bit for Detach which a part of parameter 12.7 function. Have you checked to see if there are possibly F bits for the functions you are trying to monitor?
    Sometimes windows are the only way, but I try to limit usage whenever possible as they pose their own unique challenges.

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