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    Unknown alarm when switching tool

    I was operating on a Mori Seiki NVX5080 a few days ago and came across an error I had not seen before, nor was I able to find anything online about the particular alarm.
    (EX1587 (BICF7) the oil pressure is abnormal)

    I read the maintenance manual to see if I could find any information on that, but didn't.

    The alarm occured when T1 was switching to T2. And only between those two Tool slots at first. I managed to reset the ATC and the Pot and restart the program. The alarm messed up with the tool numbers.

    I figured it might've been an issue with either the tool clamp unit, the ATC unit or the balls in the spindle missing grease, so I cleaned everything and reapplied grease all the places.

    It started out once a day, then when the machine had a break for about half an hour and then it happend several times a day with any tool slot.

    Anyone in here ever experianced that issue?

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    Re: Unknown alarm when switching tool

    You could have a leak in the hydraulic portion of the tool change mechanism. Never seen you machine in particular but have seen other Moris. You could be getting air in your system as well. Bleed the tool change hydraulics. There are maybe three bleed ports scattered throughout. Will likely have to take off some covers. There should be an air over hydraulic cylinder right above the spindle shaft that operates the tool release in manual mode. Meaning when you push the release button. This is separate from the auto change but they may share the same hydraulics. At least partially. Been awhile since I was in there.

    In the lower center of this picture is a Mori Bleeder. Behind it is the mechanically actuated hydraulic plunger that causes the tool to release.
    There's another bleeder at the upper end of that pipe on the left and another at the air over hydraulic cylinder. Mori SV50 (1998)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mori Bleeder.jpg  

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