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    Question Unknown Alarms

    Hello, I've recently purchased a used Milltronics MB18 with a Centurion 6 controller. Unfortunately it has some alarms and message numbers that I have not been able to resolve. The machine has been sitting for a few years and was disconnected from air as well as low on oil and coolant so thinking maybe those could be some of the messages I'm getting. Also on start up the only way for me to enter CNC mode is for me to reformat the SRAM each time, sometimes it tells me to contact Milltronics and wont let me do anything unless I restart the machine. I've attached pictures of both the start up screens and the main screen with the messages if anybody could help identify some of my problems it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


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    Search the forum for contact info for Sporty Bob. Good guy and his rates are quite fair.

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    Re: Unknown Alarms

    ...this may help if, a dead battery is the cause...those Dallas chips should be outlawed.

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    Re: Unknown Alarms

    ...more information about setting your Paths that may help and also, you need an older type (5Pin DIN plug) AT Keyboard or PS/2>AT adapter to access the BIOS settings.

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