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Thread: Unlocked?

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    I've been reading the recent posts about soft limits and also watched a few YouTube videos on implementing a touch pad for automatic tool offset setup. Unfortunately none of the mentioned menus seem to be accessible in my Tormach version of Mach3. Is that because it is "locked"? What do I need to do to "unlock" it? Are there any problems with "unlocking"?

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    Re: Unlocked?

    Just call Tormach for the code. If your machine is out of warranty it makes no difference. If not you have to sign/agree that if you do something stupid it's not their fault. People say "it voids your warranty" but that's not how Andy at Tormach explained it. It just voids software troubleshooting and the like.

    I already had mach3 from another machine and I like the standard mach3 screen set better (more information) so I loaded mach3 OEM and use that.

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    Re: Unlocked?

    what? really, or watch my crappy old video...


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    Re: Unlocked?

    Resurrecting an OLD thread here. Are any of you guys that have unlocked the Tormach Mach2 still on here? I want to do it but haven't seen step by step instructions and the video above is no longer available. Tormach sent me a new Mach1lic.dat file but no information. They didn't seem to have any idea what I was talking about so I'm not sure that file is what I need.

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