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    Question unrolling a circle

    hello everyone
    I am trying to see if mastercam can do this?
    so I have a 10 inch O.D with a wall thickness of .250 so I.D is 9.5 inches
    I am trying to see if I can unroll it (lay it flat) just trying to see how long of pcs of sheetmetal I have to cut?
    hope that made some kind of sence? basically just trying to unroll a circle flat .

    thank you

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    Re: unrolling a circle

    2 x pi x radius

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    Re: unrolling a circle

    You might need to visit a sheet metal forum for advice on where the neutral axis of a rolled cylinder is likely to be if the accuracy is really important. Its also going to take some fairly serious rollers to persuade 1/4 inch steel to assume the curve.

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    Re: unrolling a circle

    It's a bit more awkward than that
    .... if rolling or bumping a sheet, the OD stretches & ID compresses...
    roughly speaking, the mean sheet thickness is calculated for the bend

    ... so ... 9.75 x pi = 30.63" would be the cut length

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