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    Upgrading a CNC Mill

    I have recently picked up a mill that was made into a cnc machine with old school Dos program, and a home made controller. The program is quite basic and im hoping to upgrade to a newer style but still use the Step motors that were installed. Couple questions I have is the step motors are 34k104s-lw8

    Can I use a cheaper Driver to work with these motors or do I need to use the Anaheim automation drivers:
    MBC05641, MBC12101, MBC082561, MBC10641, MLA10641

    They seem to be pricey compared to say: DM542 microstep driver

    thanks for any input

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    Re: Upgrading a CNC Mill

    are you 100% sure about the part number of the stepper fitted?

    That part number (34k104s-lw8) is a stepper that has 10.2mH inductance....and that is poor to very poor for CNC use, it'll be as slow as a wet week.

    Replace them with 34 size steppers but with an inductance of less the 3mH and with good 80VDC drivers THEN you'l make your machine sit up and take notice.


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    Re: Upgrading a CNC Mill

    Hi Keith - I recommend you go with something like a kflop controller all in one box much easier then creating a system from individual parts... and the support is excellent... https://www.dynomotion.com/ & then also one company is responsible for the entire system. Peter

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    Re: Upgrading a CNC Mill

    These motors may be an overkill:
    But they are so powerful, easy to setup, and closed-loop.

    Arturo Duncan

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    Re: Upgrading a CNC Mill

    Yea, this was converted a long time ago I'm sure. the guy that built it just passed away and I have it now. Just trying to figure it out. I will take your advice and swap them out as well. Thanks!

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    Re: Upgrading a CNC Mill

    It is hard to give advice as there are so many routes depending on your budget and objectives. If this is a hobby machine, get it working as it is as quickly as possible with what you have. If this is a production machine, then performance and reliability are critical. Most people are somewhere in the middle.

    You can open a ticket on our website and we can help you set a strategy and put together a list of parts: https://cnc4pc.com/contact

    Arturo Duncan

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