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    Exclamation URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Hey guys,

    I literally don't know any more what to do or how to fix this, so I am begging you give me some advice on how to make it work, we urgently need the machine.

    We bought an Eagle Yang 1000. Up till now everything was working fine, but now that we are trying to get the code and data from the PC to the machine, it just won't go through.

    The machine was made in 2000, and this is a serious problem.

    I can't set up a connection from my programe CIMCO - CNC Fanuc. I can output and recieve the data to my PC normally, but when I try the other way an error message immediately, the error code 071. So that means that the data is not received by the machine, and I cannot figure out why.

    Is it a cable issue (the cable is RS 232) or a communication issue, and what can we urgently do so that this will work?

    Please can you help me, it is so weird that the machine gets the code through to the computer, but it can't receive it the other way around.

    As said, CIMCO and running on Win 10.

    Thank you so much guys
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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Check the program number sometimes "O" letter is messed with "0" number

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Thanks, so we tried and measured the cable but everything is working fine, it receives and sends everything ok. So it’s not the cable, there must be something with the machine…

    The O’s and 0’s are not mixed, so that is not the issue..

    I found this, but we are unable to locate this switch, if that would be it. Is it maybe under the pannel, i can also upload a photo of the board behind.

    “ The 071 alarm means that the control is trying to COMPARE the data that's coming in with a program that's already in memory. The compare function is active only when the memory protect key switch is turned on. Turn the key switch off, and the 071 alarm shouldn't happen.”

    Thank you

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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    First, let's check the connectivity. Can you send the file, let's say 8kB to CNC and then back to PC? Compare the received in order to check if it is not compromised.
    Next, the
    Turn the key switch off, and the 071 alarm shouldn't happen.

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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    We tried everything, but we can only send the file from the CNC to the computer, but not from the computer to CNC. As said, it only goes one way for some reason, CNC -> computer..
    The other way it gets this error message 071.
    We can’t locate this switch you are talking about, I can take a picture of the board, or if someone knows where the switch could be..

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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Can you create a new program in memory directly on the control? The program protect key is what's holding you up. If you can create a new program on the control then you will be able to upload a program.

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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Cimco has separate Send/Receive settings....
    Seeing that you can Receive from the NC, make sure the Send settings are matching up to the Receive ones. Look at the baud and handshake fields.

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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Hey guys. So yesterday we tried again and the error persists. The send and receive settings are all the same, we checked. Where are baud and handshake fields?

    Below, I am sending you pictures of the open pannel and the electro locker.

    About this switch everyone is talking about. There is no switch inside, at least we are unable to locate it...

    Please we urgently need help, we cant get anyone in our country that would know at least a little on how to fix this. The machine was working perfectly when we went and bought it, everything else works but this..
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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc


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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    ...the Keyed switch it would look like this on the Front Panel
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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    But hooooow?? This is the whole front panel....
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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    a bit messy messages. You say that communication settings are correct and asking where is baud rate setting in the same line.
    First of all you check if you can create a file on CNC side, as drdos recommends on comment #6
    Next, my recommendation, triple check your cable. Can you establish the serial communication between two PC's, for instance?
    measured the cable but
    can you post the pinout of your cable here? It's easy to check and is very important for further investigation.
    And so on - step by step. Stating "we tried everything" looks funny ...

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    Lightbulb Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc


    So for anyone of you, THIS is the solution!

    People were telling us it's unfixable, most of them sold the machines not figuring it out, the head maintenance guy for Fanuc SLO said he doesn't even know how this happened, he never saw this, or tried to fix anything like this, he said it was the motherboard and the chips and stuff. But the machine was working there, so WTH right? He said we should try Taiwan...
    So neither did he know why this happens,he didn't really help. BUT we triple checked the codes, the connection, cable, everything, as it kept us up most nights. The "key switch" everyone was talking about, well voila!

    So we figured it out on our own, both of us just starting, with different ideas from every one of you WE DID IT!

    And for anyone else here, who is trying and starting on their own,....Big up an good luck
    This business would be hella more tough as it already is, without help...

    Thanks and greetings from Slovenia!


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    Re: URGENT!! - CIMCO - CNC Fanuc

    Hello Orodjar545,

    My name in Aymen and I'm an electromechanical engineer from Tunisia,

    We have a YANG 1000 FANUC OM-D, and we lost all the parameters few weeks ago,

    I did manage to manually upload them, and get it functional again, but I always keep getting more problems,

    Thank you for your post about the RS232 program transferring by the way , enabling that "KEY" helped me transfert a program few days ago ,

    But the problem I'm facing now, is that the MDI mode doesn't show anything, not even the name of the program, and I can't input or edit a program manually,

    I think something is still missing from the parameters and I can't find out what, so can you do me a favor please ? And show me if our parameters match up ?

    We should have the same ones, or tell me if you had a similar problem before,

    Best regards,

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