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    Using an existing AC Servo motor with other controller

    A bit of reading on the internet has led me to suspect that it is ok to reuse existing AC servo motors with different servo controllers as long as the controller can deal with the pulses per rev put out by the servo motor encoder and the power requirements of the motor etc.
    If this is indeed the case, then what I am looking for is something that will support the ACH040D motor, which is an AC 400W motor with a 2500 PPR encoder. An English manual and support would be desirable.
    Any comments or information on this hypothesis would be very welcome.

    A little bit of background:
    I have a Chinese lathe that over the years I have converted to ballscrews and stepper motors, then on to Adtech AC servo controllers and motors. It was working well with Mach3, using step and direction, but ever the tinkerer I tried to improve it.......
    One of the controllers now will not accept a direction signal (my fault because I didn't check the output from my current CNC controller vs the accepted inputs of the Adtech drive).
    I have tried to repair the Adtech drive, but the lack of understandable information, combined with the 10 year plus age of the controller, has made me think that it might be easier to replace the controller.

    ACH-06040D Low-inertia Servo Motor. 400W/3000RPM/1.30NM; Voltage: 220V
    Model Rated rotation Rated output Axis shape Total length Size Weight(Kg)
    Motor model ACH-06040D
    Rated power (W) 400W
    Rated rotation (r/min) 3000
    Rated torque (N.m) 1.3
    Maximum torque (N.m) 3.8
    Rated line current (A) 2.5
    Rated line voltage (V) 220
    Rotor inertia (Kg.m2×10-4) 0.26
    Brake ---
    Coder line number (PPR) 2500
    Suitable drive model QS5AA015M / QS5AA020M


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    Re: Using an existing AC Servo motor with other controller

    I decided to buy the updated version of the same controller (QS7-AA015m)

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