Hi everyone,

i recently bought a cnc plasma table with a drill head.
i cut a decent amount of 20mm (little more than 3/4") steel plate, with the holes ranging between 14mm (9/16") and 25mm (1").
reason i bought the machine with a drillhead is so i could drill holes under a diameter of 1.5 of the thickness of the plate.

i'm looking at the option of using insert drill or U-drills.
my question is wether a drill head on a cnc plasma table can handle this
regarding RPM and rigidity.
it's a import machine from china, so not a super heavy duty 15 ton machine, but i believe also not the lightest machine.
i'll upload some pics of the machine.

i'm not looking for speed like on a VMC, slow and steady will also do.
because now i drilling them afterwards on the drill press with a annular cutter

also if it's possible,
what is the best option for clamping the drill?
the machine will probably come with a drill chuck and a morse taper MK2 or MK3.
collect chucks a option?

thanks everybody