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    using Renishaw touch probe

    Hi everybody

    Is there a method to measure (to find) a radius of an arc not circle with renishaw touch probe.

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    Re: using Renishaw touch probe

    hy yes, it is :
    if renishaw is simple, then is needed for the arch to be >= 180*:
    ... if arch is 180*, thus not greater, then is needed that the arch is between 2 segments that are tangent to it, so to have enough surface for the probe tip to touch
    ... if arch is >180*, then the arch surface still has to be enough for the probe tip to touch it
    *for simple renishaws, direction when probing must be paralel to machine axis, thus the arch must be somehow 'aligned'

    if renishaw is fancy, thus real 3d, then you may measure any arch in space, included those that are in tilted planes ( not paralel to machine planes ), and/or those <>180*, including small arches like only 15* for example

    if your renishaw is simple, but the arch itself is not friendly oriented, or <180*, then you may still measure it, but by using an intermediate calibration method for the renishaw, thus the probing results will no longer be absolute, but relative to the calibration method

    all above is available for 3 axis; rotary axis allows some advantages, even with simple probes

    if you wish, share a photo / kindly
    Ladyhawke - My Delirium, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_bFO1SNRZg

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    Re: using Renishaw touch probe

    i forgot to tell you : after the touch-offs, is needed to take those probing values and perform a little math; probing values may be read from file ( considering one is generated ), or using variables

    if your arches are <>180*, or tilted, and you wanna know how the probe would deal with them, please consider a probing sequence like in attached image; begin with a part for which you know the radius ( for example r100), probe it on paralel directions, then analyze the result : don't be surprised if measured points won't discribe that r100

    for common probes, there will be an error, but is still possible to use them for such tilted measuring, because the error is consistent; thus, if you know the error, then you know the radius / kindly

    ps : some probing softwares allready has the functionality that you wish for, but at basic level, is only a chain of standard probing sequences; so the software does not add something new, but only it combines the allready existing macros
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    Ladyhawke - My Delirium, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_bFO1SNRZg

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