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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > BobCad-Cam > v26 drag knife support?
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    Question v26 drag knife support?

    I have v26 is there options for using a drag knife and adding corner actions??

    if not, is there free software out there for doing this?


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    Re: v26 drag knife support?

    I remember seeing this discussed on the Mach3 support forum, it may be worth searching there for "Drag Knife", I didn't read in any detail as my only application would be vinyl stickers and I use a vinyl plotter for that.

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    Re: v26 drag knife support?

    Not for V26, it does now exist in V31 though but that would cost a chunk of change to upgrade from V26 to V31

    However you could try the software at this link to a free software that might do the job for you, it does say that it supports Drag Knife operations


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