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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > BobCad-Cam > V8 advanced rough step over problems
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    V8 advanced rough step over problems

    The problem happens when doing some deep side milling using adaptive rough with intermediate steps. As the part tapers the tool path will calculate full engagement or really large stepovers. Causing tool damage.

    Example im using a 1/2x2 long endmill with very little radial engagement (woc.03) but tool will enter a cut at full engagement or near it Multiple times throughout. Then return to the commanded WOC.

    I have turned off detect stock thicker than.
    Changed number of intermediate steps, and sorting. And I have the tool set as non center cutting. None of these fix the issue just changes how or when the tool will over engage.

    Any insight is appreciated.

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    Re: V8 advanced rough step over problems

    It would be best for you to share you file with the support team so they can provide a solution.

    1) when you say the WOC get violated, where on the part geometry does this happen. After a reposition move?
    2) Is this your first roughing op or a rest roughing?
    Al DePoalo
    Partner Product Manager BobCAD CAM, Inc. 866-408-3226 X147

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    Re: V8 advanced rough step over problems

    It happens at the nearest flat area on the part at an intermediate step.

    this is the first roughing pass.

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