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    Question Variaxis g54.2 Understanding

    I'm relatively new to 5 axis just to get that out of the way. The machine is a Variaxis 3+2(not simultaneous) with a fusion 640m control. I'm trying to understand how to set my Z for g54.2p_. We bought this machine and no one in my shop knows anything about 5 axis anything. I have the main program set up as a mazatrol program and each of my cam programs set up as their own units. My WPC is set using G56. If i just run the program as G56 solely it makes a move in Z that looks like its going to cut correctly, but then Z retracts and i hit my Z soft limit. It leads me to believe it has something to do with fixture offset. So then if i try to us g54.2p_ , it will index A and C correctly but then alarms out with a 959 alarm "0 Point Mismatch". Which the manual states that my WPC does not match my center of rotation. Im pretty lost at this point and could really use some help. I'm including some of the program for reference.

    O4016 (5/8" BALL SEMI FIN +12 DEG)

    G00 G17 G40 G80 G90 G94 G98
    (TOOL #0.625 5/8" 3 FLUTE BALL 5 AXIS)
    T14 M06
    G00 G54.2P2 G90 X4.9871 Y2.0801
    S8500 M03
    G43 H14 Z9. M08
    X-4.9871 Y-2.0801
    G94 G01 Z11.7008 F35.7

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    Re: Variaxis g54.2 Understanding

    Hi my name is Carmine Moriello and I have a company that repairs Mazak machine tools. I can also calibrate and make mechanical adjustments on you Mazak Variaixis Machine. Phone 908 420 9509 located in NJ.
    For what I understand about dynamic compensation G54.2 p. You need to set the center of rotation in G54 standard and it must match parameters S5 and S12. If not you will get a mismatch alarm. G54.2 is the offset of your part from the center of rotation G54 amount/S5/S12.
    Keep in mind your Z offset is from the center of rotation 50mm average below table surface. S12 Z equals spindle face gage line to center of rotation.
    You will need it calibrate center of rotation periodically to track the machine correctly. L134 and L135 parameters are also useful only active then G54.2 is active. These error adjustments are made in the background you will not see the machine position change.
    I you need any additional help call me I am on the road repairing Mazak machines.
    I also have You Tube showing Variaxis machine calibration using laser system. Good luck hopefully this will guide you in the right direction

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    Re: Variaxis g54.2 Understanding

    Hm. Why dont' u use G68.2? Calculcation is automaticaly, and u dont get alarm when u exceed from S paramters...

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    Re: Variaxis g54.2 Understanding

    Quote Originally Posted by Gentoo1984 View Post
    Hm. Why dont' u use G68.2? Calculcation is automaticaly, and u dont get alarm when u exceed from S paramters...
    Good morning Gentoo1984, would you have any examples of g68.2?
    I use a vaxiaxis500 and I'm having problems indexing.

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