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    Velocity if rotate around TCP

    if I want to rotate around the TCP, there is no velocity in mm/s or so on since the tool rotetes but stands still. This is the case if I want th give the tool a new orientation.
    So, there should be a G-Code to set pure rotation velocities. I could not find something like this, since in general the tool tip ist displaced too, when I command a movement.
    And, I think the rotation velocity should be the same if there a rotation is commanded around a point that is extremely near to the TCP. This seems to be self-evident (?).
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Velocity if rotate around TCP

    In some controllers you can switch between two feed definition : check G93 / G94

    basically if you turn around tcp you can activate G93 and declare a Feed F, the move will take 1/F seconds (or minutes) to complete.

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