This was a post from 2014, and still not much information....can someone give me a work around??

My VersaLaser VL200 with accessory air cleaner cart says it's carbon filter is expiring (6% life left). It needs an 18 digit activation code to reset the counter. There's nothing physical in the filter that tracks this, and there's all of probably $20 of activated carbon in there. Yet, Universal Laser charges over $300 for a new filter.

The "life" is tracked only by the hours the machine runs. Unfortunately, I think this is tracked internally on the machine's electronics, not on computer software.

Does anyone have any clue on how to acquire the 18 digit code or how to reset this thing? I have a new filter sitting on the shelf, but I have no activation code.

I am not willing to fork over another dime to ULS for a few digits to punch in a keyboard, to keep using something I've owned and used for over 10 years.