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    Vertical lift & lowering Camera Pole Sourcing Parts

    Hi Everyone,
    First, thank you all in advance for review and help.

    I'm building twelve foot security camera poles on standard five inch square steel I Beam.

    The cameras, lighting, and sensors will mount on a square steel box that rides the edges of the steel I beam so I can raise and lower the cameras for servicing, etc.

    I know exactly what I want and how to build what I want. The problem is where to find the parts I need to build what I want. Mainly this is due to the laziness of every business who has a website and treats it as a presence only entity instead of providing one with specs, drawings, and an easy way to purchase. I have spent weeks looking for parts but can't find what I want.

    General idea is using v grooved wheels to ride the edges of the I Beam. Wheels are attached to a steel box that surrounds the steel I beam. Cameras are mounted to box. I want to use an eight foot length of all thread or acme lead screw to raise and lower steel box that cameras are mounted to.

    PARTS LIST, or anything close listed below.

    ----- Inexpensive Steel V Grooved two inch wheels. Along with axle shafts or drill rod or equivalent way of mounting.

    ----- Inexpensive ten foot one inch Acme Screw, hardened or grade eight threaded rod. Along with mounting blocks and motor shaft couplers.

    For the life of me I can't find an inexpensive source, or single items not in kit form or at all. If anyone who might have some links or help pointing me in the right direction I would be grateful.


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    Re: Vertical lift & lowering Camera Pole Sourcing Parts

    Hi RF - I think the V wheel will be available at shops that sell sliding gates. peter or try VXB


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    Re: Vertical lift & lowering Camera Pole Sourcing Parts

    I'd suggest using a sprocket and chain drive instead of a super-long screw. It will be cheaper and work better.
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Vertical lift & lowering Camera Pole Sourcing Parts

    McMaster Carr will have everything you want. https://www.mcmaster.com/

    Almost every part they carry has CAD drawings available if you click on the part number.

    I'll vote for a chain & sprocket also.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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