Hello, my boss just bought a machine shop and as the shop lead, I am responsible for making sure that everything is up and running there. My friend who writes his own programs was helping me make sure everything was good for this VF2, the machine was made in 08. But when we got it running as soon as the code to turn on the coolant went on it popped a breaker. Which we thought was odd since it wasn't a machine that was just put in recently. We don't know why it would pop the breaker when the coolant went on, so that would be my first question. What do you think would cause that since it was a shop that ran this machine with coolant all the time? And then once we turned the breaker back on and turn on that machine the Alarm 102 Servo Off and 161 X-Axis Drive Fault. We went to the back of the machine and looked at the Smart Amplifiers and saw on the X-Axis servo amp it didn't have a light for fault or power. We then turned all of the machines on and turned it back on and still the same message. Now the second question would be the solution to these Alarms?